Customised connector panels

The facts

  • Laser-cut connector panels

  • Easy access to server rack interiors

  • Completely customisable

  • EMI shielding/climatic seals available

Transporting your servers shouldn’t mean they arrive in a mess. And we’re not just talking about protecting them from damage on the road.

Too often, getting servers from A to B means disconnecting everything and reconnecting it at the other end. That takes time and can mean your business grinds to a halt.

But when the priority is protecting them, is there any option but to take everything apart and carefully package it all up?

Well, yes, our server racks are that option.

Not only do they protect your equipment against all types of damage. They also take into account your operational requirements, even while en route. One way they do that is with customised connector panels. Keep everything connected, even as it’s secured for the road.

Our approach

Our popular, lightweight Eracks are particularly well-suited to flexible connector panels, whether they’re housed in the rack lid or its body. They can also be fixed or removable, depending on your needs.

And that’s what shapes our solutions – your needs.

Any type of connector aperture can be accommodated with complete accuracy, because we use CNC lasers to cut connector holes. For removable panels, we offer a range of fastening options, such as captive threaded fasteners and quick-release quarter fasteners. Removable panels can be opened easily via quarter-turn latches, providing effortless access to the rack's interior, whenever you need it.

And the customisation goes even further. We can paint the panels in your preferred colour and fully mask connector apertures to make sure electromagnetic shielding is maintained. Additionally, we can silk screen connector legends onto the painted panel.

Thinking of everything

Our customers take their products to some extreme places, whether it’s high temperatures, ultra-low temperatures, high atmospheric pressure or other hazards involved. So, our protective gear is severely tested and there’s no room for even the smallest weakness.

When you need racks that are resistant to water, dust, dirt or even electromagnetic interference (EMI), we respond with trusted expertise. This is why our connector panels often come with EMI shielding and/or climatic seals – we’re making certain there’s absolutely no weakness in the structure of your server rack.

Find out how we’ve helped hundreds of companies like yours: take a look at our case studies.