Custom protection for the marine market

The facts:

  • Tough cases to withstand extreme environments

  • Fully customisable products

  • Cases rated IP11 to IP67

Businesses in the marine market face a variety of extremes when offshore. From hazardous environments to damp and unpredictable weather, vital equipment needs to be protected against many threats.

The marine industry is vast, with shipping, shipbuilding, marine engineering, offshore wind energy and maritime research just a few niches within it. No matter what area you work in, protecting your equipment is a must. Our custom-made cases and racks are the ultimate solution for marine environments, keeping your crucial equipment safe and protected.

Cases you can rely on

At CP Cases, we’ve been providing the marine industry with protective cases for over 50 years, meeting demanding requirements and exceeding expectations. Our Amazon protective cases are made using a clever process called rotomoulding. This creates tough, waterproof products with thickened edges and corners – for extra strength and impact resistance.

Our 19-inch racks protect essential electronic equipment when at sea. 

How essential? 

Well, we’ve proudly supplied more than 1,200 custom-designed rackmount enclosures and more than 4,000 adaptors and brackets for installation on Queen Elizabeth (QE) Class aircraft carriers. We’ve proven our dependability time and time again, making us first choice for protective cases in the marine market. 

Fully customisable marine equipment cases

From aircraft carriers to offshore energy, each marine industry organisation has different requirements. Our bespoke aluminium cases can be customised to suit any application. Being lightweight, they’re extremely easy to transport – ideal for marine environments.

However, don’t let the light weight fool you. The aluminium material resists the most extreme climatic and environmental conditions, being immensely strong. The interior features a specialist foam design tailored to suit your equipment, keeping it completely safe during transit. 

We can also customise the colours and add reinforced wheels and handles for transporting heavier contents. 

With such a broad range of solutions for the marine industry, it’s no surprise that we’re trusted by the navy, offshore energy providers and organisations in various other areas. It’s our priority to create a case perfectly tailored to your needs, removing any concern about damage to equipment, especially when in such a volatile marine environment. 

Find out how we’ve helped hundreds of companies: take a look at our case studies.


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