Custom 19 Inch Server Racks & Enclosures

The facts

  • Resistant to damage, easy to move

  • Water and dust resistant (IP65-rated)

  • Completely customisable

  • Commonly used by MoD Primes

  • Many racks have MIL-STD-810 accreditation

Lightweight, strong and impact-resistant, our 19-inch racks guarantee you fully deployable and operational equipment on demand. They can withstand the most extreme environments, meaning safe storage and complete protection for fragile electronic equipment.

Our 19-inch racks suit a variety of markets and applications, and are available as standard up to 18U. But we can also design racks for your custom-made enclosures and your unique requirements.

We take the time to understand your needs and design server racks and enclosures to precisely meet those needs. We even manufacture racks and enclosures with air conditioning for climate control and shielding from electromagnetic interference

The result of all this is complete peace of mind. You know that your equipment will stay completely secure and be ready to use when you need it. It doesn’t matter where you’re taking or storing the equipment: our solutions will protect it from the most extreme conditions.

In demand across industries

Many of our solutions have bespoke configurations and are used in a range of sectors, including defence, broadcast, energy, live performance and many others.

For example, news gatherers find SatRack to be an essential ally: its lightweight design allows the integration of satellite and electronic equipment within checked baggage limits.

Meanwhile, the sturdy-yet-portable aluminium ERacks can include EMC shielding, making them ideal for defence industry clients with sensitive data. These carefully-designed cases are up to 30% lighter than other rack cases in their class.

And Amazon Racks marry the resilience of a rotomoulded case with a stainless steel rack frame, as well as the possibility of adding climate control systems. Organisations in the marine, aerospace and oil & gas industries rely upon their ability to withstand challenging conditions.

Trusted by MoD Primes

Many of our racks have MIL-STD-810 accreditation – proof that they’ve passed rigorous environmental testing.

What’s more, the majority of Amazon Racks, ERacks and SatRacks carry NATO stock numbers because the alliance uses them so often.

Our racks and other products are so reliable that numerous military organisations have put their trust in them:

Find out how we’ve helped hundreds of companies: take a look at our case studies.