Customised cases for secure communications devices

The facts

  • Protecting against vibration, impact, extreme temperature and more

  • Devices can be used out of the case

  • Completely customisable solutions

For many organisations – particularly those in the defence and broadcast industries – secure communications devices are essential to everyday operations. You need your equipment to be working perfectly, no matter the conditions and distances you’ve transported it through. That’s where our cases come in.

We create solutions that can be adapted or customised to even fit equipment like satellite dishes – safely and securely. You’ll also be able to operate your equipment out of the case. When you need immediate access to your comms devices, this is vital.

Threats we guard against

Communications equipment is usually highly fragile and highly expensive to acquire. And secure comms devices are not always easily replaced.

But they’re often needed in places where conditions are inhospitable or even hostile, particularly if the devices have a military use. Without the right protection, your expensive equipment can become damaged in the blink of an eye, particularly if you’re transporting it to remote places.

Our specialist cases include high-quality “closed-cell” polyethylene foam inserts. They can be custom-made to precisely cushion your devices and components and make sure they don’t move an inch. While many are water and dust resistant to IP66 standards.

But going beyond even that, your equipment can be fitted into 19-inch anti-vibration mounted racks, creating a robust transport and deployment system. Plus, angled elastomeric or wire rope vibration mounts can meet your specific payloads or impact and/or vibration needs.

But it’s not just vibrations and impact you have to consider. When you’re working in humid climates or extremely cold ones, you need protective systems with climate control. And some comms equipment will be sensitive to electromagnetic interference (EMI), which is why we also provide products with EMI shielding.

Wherever you’re taking equipment and however you’re getting there, we have you covered.

Solutions to problems

We offer a huge range of protective products and can customise them to meet the most specific needs. But here are some of the products most in demand for secure communication transportation and storage:

Find out how we’ve helped hundreds of companies: take a look at our case studies.

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