EMC/EMI shielding

The facts

  • Keep EMI out while maintaining usability

  • Completely customisable products

  • EMC combined with impact, water and dust resistance

Protect your equipment and protect your data: choose racks and enclosures that prevent both physical damage and electromagnetic interference (EMI). With our fully customised products, you can choose the exact solution you need.

Incoming and outgoing data from all kinds of equipment can be affected by voltages from fluctuating electromagnetic fields. And in today’s interconnected world, these fields are widespread and unpredictable, making electromagnetic shielding vital as you transport equipment that’s sensitive to EMI.

Electronic equipment in defence, medical and other markets is becoming ever- more sophisticated and costly. If your business uses such equipment, you can’t afford it malfunctioning – not to mention the consequences of losing data to corruption.

How electromagnetic shielding works

Protecting your equipment against EMI means achieving electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Then your equipment can function as intended, no matter where you’re taking it or what fields cross its path.

Our specialist racks and enclosures completely cover your electronic devices, using conductive materials to repel EMI. Yet, they still allow access to your goods, through flexible rubber seals in knitted metal wire sleeves. These metal sleeves keep the conductive continuity needed to shut out the electromagnetic fields. EMC/EMI shielding protective skirts work in the same way, maintaining conductive continuity while protecting your goods from EMI.

One size fits one

A perfect example of our EMI shielding work in action is the order we completed for the Aircraft Carrier Alliance. They required 1,200 protective enclosures for sensitive network switches that help to coordinate aircraft. Their need for multiple cable entries on the enclosures created a challenge – one that we answered with flexible and conductive multiple cable entry ports. This innovation made sure that effective EMI shielding and easy access went hand in hand.

Results like this are only possible because of our approach to customisation. We conduct detailed design discussions with the system integrator, selecting high-quality components and using consistent manufacturing processes to guarantee electromagnetic coupling is prevented. Your protective enclosure will meet the latest Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive and the UK defence standard for EMC, DEF STAN 59-41.

Of course, like our other protective products, specialist EMI-shielding products are fully impact, water and dust resistant. No matter what you need to protect, our products will keep your equipment in perfect working order.

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