Custom Flight Cases

The facts:

  • Finnish Birch Combi WBP (water boiled proof) Plywood

  • Weather protection

  • External protective skin

Flight cases are at the very heart of CP Cases. We have been designing and developing stellar, bespoke flight cases since our founding in 1971. Our founders recognised the need to provide long-lasting, rugged flight cases that could protect musical, medical or surveillance equipment.

We understand that for an industrial flight case to be as usable as possible, durability must come first when designing and producing flight cases. Our cases do not disintegrate at the first moment of stress or shock upon impact. And they don’t break apart after the thousandth impact either.

One of the standout features of our custom flight cases is their ability to stand the test of time. Flight cases purchased from us over 40 years ago are still continuing to perform just as well as ever.

Dependable cases for all professions

From medical professionals to broadcasters and even motorcyclists, our flight cases are trusted to get the most essential equipment worldwide in the same condition it was in when it started out.

Our flight cases are reliable by design. We only ever use Finnish birch combi WBP (water boiled proof) plywood, which can be exposed to extreme weather and moisture for long periods of time without any damage. Plus, our cleverly-designed external protective skin is laminated, which provides additional protection from any impacts or abrasion. 

This is exactly why professionals depend on our flight cases to get their expensive, vital equipment from A to B. With such meticulous care put into the design, our cases are the only way to transport equipment that simply can’t be damaged. 

Our flight cases give you the greatest gift: peace of mind. You won’t ever have to worry about your contents being damaged in transit ever again. 

Fully customisable flight cases

From Valentino Rossi’s racing bike to surgical equipment – no two use cases are the same. This is why we meticulously design and customise our flight cases to your unique needs.

Whether you need additional wheels or handles to make transporting heavy equipment easier. Or you want specific colours or branding. We go above and beyond to make your case tick every box. 

Find out how we’ve helped hundreds of companies: take a look at our case studies.

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