Our Story

With over 50 years of learning, delivering to over 45 countries in 6 Continents, and faithfully serving 1000’s of loyal and demanding customers, CP cases deservedly earns the reputation of "trusted when it matters..." 

Where we started…..

It was the late 1960’s, the early days of the Rock and Roll, when professional touring rock bands were emerging from Britain’s latest musical talent pool. Peter Ross and Chris Sherwin, the founders of CP Cases, were both active semi-professional musicians, playing regular gigs across London, with strong connections in that emerging scene through their association with Jim Marshall, who at that time was launching his first series of 50 Watt Marshall Amps, which almost every known rock guitar player aspired to own. 

Initially inspired by seeing a very early build USA made flight case, and having the ingenuity and drive to improve the build quality and offer a UK made alternative was the embryonic ‘light bulb’ moment that ignited CP Cases. Artists like The Who, The Moody Blues and Deep Purple were then touring the UK, Europe and beyond, and word spread rapidly through the ‘roadie grapevine’ about the newly introduced ‘made to measure’ CP Pro flight cases.

From a 2 man band garage operation in the late 60’s to the hayloft in Shepherd's Bush, and onto the re-purposed crumbling Victorian laundry in Chiswick, CP Cases grew in size, popularity and prosperity. The halcyon 70’s was full tilt in the fast lane, attracting a loyal customer base that looked like the Who’s Who of the Rock n Roll greats including many visiting big international acts like Stevie Wonder, Abba, Marvin Gaye, The Three Degrees and many more…..


Where we are now…..

Moving 50+ years on, from those early fledging days at the birth of the touring rock industry to today, where CP Cases supports thousands of active customers across a host of mature industry sectors in over 45 countries, CP has grown from the small company devoted to the rock business, to an established and financially rock solid international enterprise, securely self-funded, well managed with a long term and experienced technical team and anticipating a long and prosperous future supported by continuing technical innovation and NPD, our ‘can do’ attitude to go that extra, extra mile, and our inherent DNA to provide great customer service.

The original CP Pro flight cases are now a very small part of our product range, where new materials and digital CNC processes have been introduced. Our lightweight aluminium 19” E- Racks, Military spec featherweight Airship containers, and our in-house rotationally moulded Amazon Cases and Racks, are all 21st Century products for the demanding and critical applications in today’s modern world.


The 70s was a period of growth. Peter says "I look back on the 70s with fond memories. Our company was small, lean and agile. It gave us a terrific social life and was a healthy, thriving business."


CP Cases moved to its current head office and factory site at Isleworth in December 1983.


In 1995 the company developed a relationship with a university - the first of several successful academic-manufacturing partnerships.


The 90s saw the arrival of what has become one of our flagship products. The process of this product range has progressed to all components of the product made completely in-house.


We started the new decade by updating our corporate image to our current logo.


The 'Ashes' urn needed proper protection for its 14-week tour of Australia's museums. An AluCurve was chosen for its style and customisation.


Bringing rotational moulding in-house. Our KTP Karem oversaw the designing, sourcing and buying of a machine and the refurbishment of the site.


We are continually innovating and investing in new machinery. Our heavily awaited new CNC router arrived at the beginning of May 2021.

Trusted When It Matters...

With over 50 years’ of expertise producing cases, 19-inch rack solutions and bags, CP Cases has an unparalleled range of in-house skills and expertise with rotomoulded plastic, aluminium, laminated plywood, HPP, textiles and CNC foam machining.