Pioneering Sustainability in Rotational Moulding

CP Cases Collaborates with Matrix Polymer & Queen’s University for a Recyclable Bio Polymer Project: Pioneering Sustainability in Rotational Moulding

In a world striving for sustainability, the manufacturing industry faces a transformative challenge to reduce its environmental impact. Among the innovative pioneers leading the charge is CP Cases, renowned for producing protective cases and containers. In a groundbreaking partnership with Matrix Polymer, experts in rotomoulding materials and Queen's University, a renowned research institution, all playing a pivotal role in a feasibility study project funded by Innovate UK for introducing a field-tested recyclable Bio Polymer. This project focuses on revolutionising rotational moulding by integrating Matrix Polymer's cutting-edge materials, with sustainability at the forefront.


A Shared Vision:

The collaboration between CP Cases, Matrix Polymer, and Queen's University is a testament to their shared commitment to sustainable innovation. These industry leaders have come together under the umbrella of Innovate UK's initiative, aiming to introduce the power of recyclable bio polymers into the rotational moulding process, thus paving the way for a more eco-friendly manufacturing approach.


Matrix Polymer's Pioneering Materials:

Matrix Polymer brings to the table its expertise in raw materials, as a leading supplier to the rotational moulding industry. With a focus on reducing carbon emissions and plastic waste, these materials align seamlessly with the project's core objective of sustainability. Matrix Polymer's key objective is to bring fresh ideas and exciting new materials to the market and strong technical roots are a cornerstone of this collaboration.


Queen's University's Research Excellence:

The research ability of Queen's University plays an integral role in this collaborative endeavour. With a deep understanding of material science and manufacturing processes, the university is providing critical insights and technical expertise to validate the feasibility of creating recyclable bio polymers to introduce into rotational moulding. Their involvement ensures that the project's outcomes are grounded in scientific rigour.


CP Cases' Legacy of Innovation:

CP Cases specialises in crafting high-quality protective solutions for a wide array of industries. Leveraging decades of experience, they design and manufacture custom cases, containers, and enclosures that safeguard valuable equipment and delicate instruments from even the harshest conditions. Their commitment to innovation and precision ensures that their solutions not only meet but exceed the stringent demands of various sectors, including defence, aerospace, technology, and more. With an unwavering focus on quality and functionality, CP Cases is your trusted partner in safeguarding your assets wherever your journey takes you. Their dedication to sustainability and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of rotational moulding make them an invaluable contributors to the project. CP Cases' reputation for precision and forward thinking makes them an ideal collaborator in this ambitious endeavour.

The Innovate UK Recyclable Bio Polymer Testing Project in Action:

The project's success hinges on rigorous testing and validation, a process guided by the combined expertise of CP Cases, Matrix Polymer, and Queen's University. Through meticulous examination of the materials' performance within rotational moulding processes, the collaboration aims to ensure a seamless integration that meets industry standards and requirements.


Eco-Conscious Impact on Industries:

The impact of this collaborative effort could be profound across industries reliant on rotational moulding. Sectors such as aerospace, automotive, and packaging stand to gain from these eco-friendly alternatives. By reducing reliance on traditional plastics, these industries can significantly decrease their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.


A Beacon of Sustainability:

CP Cases, Matrix Polymer, and Queen's University are not only pioneers in their fields but also examples of collaborative action for the greater good. Their involvement in this Innovate UK-funded project sets a precedent for innovation that is driven by a commitment to sustainability. As these companies push the boundaries of possibility, they illuminate the path to a greener, more resilient manufacturing landscape.


The collaboration between CP Cases, Matrix Polymer, and Queen's University is a harmonious symphony of innovation, research, and sustainability. As they navigate the complexities of creating recyclable bio polymers for rotational moulding, they are not just changing the game; they're rewriting the rules for manufacturing as a whole. This partnership is a testament to the transformative power of collective action and a beacon of hope for a more sustainable future.