Climate control on the road

The facts

  • Protecting against extreme temperatures, dust, moisture and corrosion

  • Detachable systems make transportation easier

  • Completely customisable solutions

If you transport or store goods without climate control, you risk disaster. 

The last thing you need when you open your equipment up is temperature damage. That can mean both replacing your products and losing valuable time to inaction. 

Instead, let us provide the precise air management and climate control you need when transporting or storing goods in the world’s more extreme climates. We can protect your sensitive components from damaging heat, cold, dust, moisture and corrosion – and the risk of failure in the field.

Fitted to our popular Amazon Racks and ERacks, our COOL systems are robust and easy to set up and use. You set your desired temperature range and the units provide cooling (or heating) when temperatures rise above (or drop below) that range. These smart systems can even enhance the operating effectiveness of your equipment.

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Versatility as standard

Our systems adapt to your way of working, providing protection without disrupting your operations. We listen carefully to your requirements, before recommending the most suitable combination of climate control options and customisations.

COOL products can be mounted directly onto a bulkhead panel within the rack body. Or they can be installed in a detachable 'COOL Collar', which clips onto the rear of the 19-inch rack. This setup makes it easier for you to transport your equipment when climate control isn’t essential. When you need it back in action, simply reattach the COOL Collar using its quick-action latches.

You can choose between standard and customisable systems, in thermo-electric and vapour compression cycle air conditioning formats. Both systems have their advantages and we’ll explain why one or the other is right for your products.

Your solution will also consider other environmental threats, including air pressure and humidity. In the places where you’ll need climate control, contamination from dirt, dust or sand can cause irreparable damage to equipment. But our racks remove that worry: they’re both IP65-rated and MIL STD 810G-accredited, adding an extra layer of protection.


Trusted to protect

Organisations in all kinds of markets expose their products to extreme climates. But whether it’s advanced military hardware, vital medical supplies or sensitive broadcast equipment, we can keep the elements at bay.

See how we kept operational equipment cool in extreme conditions for the Swedish Armed Forces

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