Video surveillance system for the Italian Army

CCTV for video surveillance

The Italian Army Aviation has recently received the first CCTV video surveillance system, field deployable kit. The system is aimed to provide video surveillance and anti-intrusion to temporary structures like tents, containers, etc. during out-of-area operations. It is lightweight and designed for the maximum degree of mobility and transportability, also via airlift. CP Cases was requested to create a military case that would protect their CCTV video surveillance system.


Job Details

Totally autonomous and self-sustained, the system only requires a 230V power feed, even if an onboard UPS will support operability during a short period of time.

When in operation, the video images taken by cameras are sent to the remote command & control station, via a Wi-Fi radio signal operating at 5 GHz.

Simple and cheap yet effective, the video surveillance system can be further integrated with IR detection capabilities, for a modest increase in price.

The entire system is contained in two Amazon cases:

  • One Amazon Rack 12U, to accommodate: power feed including UPS, command & control, video recording;
  • One Amazon AC7545, to accommodate: cameras, antennas, sound alarm and miscellaneous accessories.