Rotomolded cases

The facts

  • Among the most durable, strong cases around

  • Impact, water and dust resistant (IP65-rated)

  • Completely customisable

For strength and performance you can trust, rotomoulded cases are hard to beat. 

Carefully created using a complicated heating process, they give you peace of mind that your products are secure and safe. Not only do they protect products against impacts, but they also keep water and dust out.

We produce specialist foam inserts for these cases, with high-quality “closed-cell” polyethylene foam precisely cushioning your products. You can also add features such as castors, catches, wheels and purge valves – as well as mechanical or electronic parts of the product.

We make sure your rotomoulded cases work exactly as you need them to work.

Trusted by the experts

Sometimes called rotationally-moulded cases, they’re used by the military, as well as the police and security forces, broadcasters, energy companies and the telecoms industry.

Why? Well, the military often transports “mission critical” equipment, which simply cannot be allowed to fail. And they transport such equipment through some of the roughest terrain and most unpredictable conditions, where environmental hazards and extreme climates are a constant threat. They know that when they open these cases, their equipment will be in perfect working order. 

We’ve even created grenade cases for the French Gendarmerie, applying special fire retardant additives to both the cases and the foam inserts.

International broadcasters also favour our rotomoulded cases – because they also take expensive equipment to inhospitable environments. And, like the military, their equipment is absolutely critical to their work. Broadcasters depend upon our cases to keep their programmes on air.

When you have highly sensitive, costly products, expertly-crafted rotomoulded cases are invaluable.

Made just for you

We sell standard rotomoulded cases, but many of our customers have very specific needs. So we’ve become used to providing custom solutions for unique requirements.

After all, transporting delicate surgical equipment is a different challenge to transporting huge lights for the music industry.

As well as the case size and foam cushioning inside, we can adapt a whole range of features to meet your precise needs. It doesn’t matter what you’re transporting, our bespoke cases will get it there safely.

But it’s also about appearance and convenience. Many of our customers use our cases for displaying their products. While others have unique usability needs, such as cases that help surgeons locate their life-saving equipment in seconds.

Find out how we’ve helped hundreds of companies: take a look at our case studies.

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