19 Inch Racks

Our 19-inch racks are used across a variety of markets, with a number of different applications from defence and security to broadcast and telecommunications. They are lightweight but they are able to withstand impacts and challenging environments to ensure that, no matter the circumstances, you will be able to access your equipment without any problems.

The standard size for CP Cases 19-inch racks can be anywhere up to 18U, but can also be designed to fit to your precise needs. For the broadcast sector, SatRack allows for satellites and electronic equipment to be in the same space, easily within reach.

Amazon Racks, ideal for defence, marine, aerospace, oil and gas, satellite and telecommunication applications around the world, are also highly resistant to impact and extreme conditions thanks to the advantages of rotomoulding. However, they do not have the normal thick wall cavity, or the restrictive openings from the bulky lids that you would expect from rotomoulded products.


Features of CP Cases 19 Inch Racks

  • Each 19 inch rack can be used for multiple applications from the defence to the telecommunications industry.
  • Many of our racks have MIL-STD-810 accreditation, and the majority of the Amazon Racks, ERacks and SatRacks also carry NATO Stock Numbers.
  • With the possibility of working in extreme temperatures, you can add climate control systems to Amazon Racks and ERacks.
  • RackBag is perfect if you do not require something too big, with shoulder straps on the bag if you are carrying something heavier.
  • Appearance matters, so all of our racks are made to not only protect your equipment but to look good too.
  • All 19 inch racks come in in standard sizes, up to 18U, but they can be specialised to meet your exact needs.

You can view many specialist solutions by referring to our Markets section, and you can see how we have helped others in our case studies section.