Cases for outside Broadcast equipment

The facts:

  • Specialist foam interior

  • Tailored cushioning with high-quality polyethylene foam

  • Bespoke and standard sizes available

  • Sleek designs

From camera and filter equipment to mobile and portable solutions, at CP Cases, we provide a wide range of casing products to suit all broadcasting needs. Our cases are designed using rugged textiles, aluminium and polyethylene, depending on customer requirements.

Our Airship and SatRack products are extremely lightweight and, airline depending, can be taken on commercial airline flights as checked luggage – allowing for quick deployment of electronic and satcom equipment.

Trusted by broadcast professionals

Broadcasters rely on their equipment to do their job – from news reporters to high-end productions, cameras and electrical equipment needs to be protected to operate at maximum efficiency.

At CP Cases, we prioritise practical designs, with high-quality materials that are meticulously designed and tested to protect valuable equipment during transit and in extreme environments.

Who better to help design our protective cases than the broadcasters themselves? Our cases have been manufactured with input from Sony, BBC and Visual Impact. So you can rest assured that the top industry professionals depend on our cases.

We pride ourselves on our fully customisable designs, with made-to-order sizes available, even for one-off products. Our specialist foam made from high-quality “closed cell” polyethylene provides tailored cushioning for your broadcasting equipment. 


Revolutionising outdoor broadcasting

With sporting fans wanting to be closer to the action than ever before, outdoor broadcasting cameras and robotics are facing more pressure. This equipment needs to be safely stored, transported and ready to operate on demand – without damage from extreme weather conditions. 

Our rugged cases offer unparalleled protection against impacts when transporting vital equipment. We also have specially designed protective covers for outdoor cameras, to protect against harsh weather and moisture. 

We can even construct custom workstations for broadcasters to edit and stream content on location, without being at the mercy of environmental hazards.

Those working in the broadcast market often face deadline pressures and work in a variety of different environments. The last thing you should be worrying about is whether your equipment is safe. Our cases and protective covers mean you can simply pick up your gear and go – without even thinking about whether your equipment will stay in one piece. 

Find out how we’ve helped hundreds of companies: take a look at our case studies.


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