The facts:

  • Impact, water and dust-resistant cases

  • Anti-reflective coatings available

  • Products used by NATO

  • Completely customisable solutions

Available in various sizes and configurations, we offer durability, security and organisation for airlines, aerospace manufacturers and maintenance facilities. Our tough flight cases can withstand the rigours of air travel, ensuring the protection of valuable cargo, tools and instruments.

Aerospace solutions you can trust 

Our flight cases, among the earliest in the market, were meticulously crafted with top-grade materials and stringent standards to provide reliability and durability. We’ve now advanced far beyond traditional flight cases to create contemporary and technically advanced containers tailored to meet our client's evolving requirements.

Whether you require the transportation of aerospace components or support systems for military operations in the field, CP Cases boasts more than 50 years of industry-leading expertise. 

Our aluminium flight cases are engineered to strike the ideal balance between strength and aesthetics, providing greater toughness, reduced weight, and enhanced resilience compared to conventional designs. While the AluCurve provides maximum levels of safety and strength, the AluWeld can resist the most adverse conditions.

With our cases, you can have complete peace of mind, knowing that your contents will remain undamaged during transit. Say goodbye to worries about equipment damage.

Cases engineered for aviation requirements

We provide secure transportation solutions through our expertise and meticulous approach. We attentively listen to your specific needs before we craft, meticulously engineer and rigorously test your protective products, adhering to aerospace and aviation standards.

Bespoke customisation is a vital aspect of our process, especially when crafting solutions for the aerospace and aviation sectors. Whatever case you require – be it extra wheels, handles or specific colours – we’re unwavering in our commitment to fulfilling your needs, resulting in products that perfectly align with your equipment and objectives.

Discover how we’ve assisted numerous aerospace and aviation organisations: take a look at our case studies.


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