Custom Protective Cases, Racks & Bags

There are so many variables when it comes to transporting and storing valuable items…

What could damage them? Where are you taking them? Do you need easy access to them?

It’s because every item is different that we have such a large range of protective products. But it could be that none of them are quite right for you and your items. 

In fact, we find that happens quite often: because protective products need to be a precise fit for the goods they’re transporting. Otherwise, goods will be damaged.

And that’s why we don’t just create first-class protective gear – we customise it to exactly suit your requirements.

Here are just a few of the products that have been keeping goods safe for decades.

Protective cases

Lightweight but robust cases, which offer great versatility and custom-made foam inserts to provide complete cushioning.

19-inch racks

Impact-resistant products that are easy to move and access. They also provide options for EMI shielding, climate control and more specialisations.

Rugged textile cases

Padded bags that are equally convenient and versatile. Many are used for smaller goods and can be made to measure.

Aluminium cases

Lighter than plywood cases and more resilient, our aluminium cases come with custom-made foam inserts to provide complete support for your products.

Climate control

Smart systems that keep your goods at the ideal temperature, no matter how severe the conditions outside.

Rotomoulded cases

Precision-engineered cases that are IP65-rated for impact, water and dust resistance.

Flight cases

Strong, stable and expertly crafted cases for all kinds of goods flying cargo. We use second-to-none materials known for their water resistance and durability.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure what product is best-suited to your items. We always discuss your requirements in detail, to get a thorough understanding of your goods and how they could become damaged.

Then we might combine product options and add customisations where they can improve the level of protection.

Everything that leaves our factory is carefully designed, created using high-calibre materials and comprehensively tested. The result is a transit or storage solution you can have complete faith in. You’ll know that when you open the container up, your items will be in perfect condition, time after time.