Custom Aluminum Cases with Foam

The facts:

  • Bespoke foam installs for your contents

  • Powder-coated colours available

  • Increased strength-to-weight ratio (2.5%)

  • Easy to move around

Designed to combine the perfect medium of strength and style, our aluminum cases are tougher, lighter and offer higher levels of resilience than traditional designs.

Aluminum flight cases are a lightweight alternative to traditional cases, often coming with a specialist foam to ensure maximum protection of contents during transit. 

At CP Cases, we offer two alternatives for aluminum flight cases, both of which have their own unique designs and strengths. The AluCurve features an innovative ‘off-edge’ welding design to provide maximum levels of safety and strength. 

On the more traditional side, the AluWeld is lighter than plywood, but can resist the most adverse conditions. 

Finally, our RCZ solution is our latest innovation in CNC metal forming that provides exceptional longitudinal strength with a patented corner design to reduce impact damage from drops.

Trusted by the broadcasting industry

Our aluminium cases have been used by top operators in the broadcasting industry, including SONY. With tight deadlines and live environments, broadcasters don’t have the time to worry about their equipment: it simply needs to operate perfectly, time and time again. 

Enter: the AluCurve case. Being strong enough to withstand rough handling and transportation across all terrains whilst remaining lightweight enough to be practical, this case is much loved by broadcasters. 

When you have equipment that can make or break a job, you need reliable aluminium cases to provide the ultimate peace of mind. 

Fully customisable aluminum cases 

Every industry has different requirements – from broadcasting to the military – and we’re familiar with customising aluminum cases for very unique needs. 

We can adapt both the case size and foam inserts to your exact requirements, guaranteeing protection for vital equipment. Our bespoke aluminum cases go the extra mile, with various customisable options including low-profile recessed wheels and a reinforced, retractable handle for moving heavier contents around.

Need to traverse extreme conditions? Our aluminum cases will get your contents there safely, with AluWeld cases being weatherproof to IP54.

Sometimes, your cases are also the face of your company, which is why we offer a range of powder-coated colours and indents to fit a wide variety of labels.

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