Why we are ‘Built for Defence’

CP Cases products are an essential ingredient for military tactics and field support strategies. When fully populated with materials and systems they can be life-saving pieces of equipment. From the provision of secure communications and support to field operations and management. CP Cases solutions form an integral and vital part of the military infrastructure showing we are the go-to case company – built for defence.

As a result, our products are specifically designed to achieve optimum standards and accreditations. MIL-STD 810F, IP65 and many products carry NATO stock numbers. Therefore they are ‘field-ready’ to expect the unexpected; hot climate, cold climate, driving rain, driving sand, fungus, drop, vibration, loose cargo load, ultraviolet light, direct sunlight, humidity and a host of other potential hazards.

We customise products for many mission-critical situations. Therefore each application is fully interpreted and understood before going to design. It’s our product and design versatility that helps us meet the exacting requirements our customers have come to expect.

Take the Amazon range which was originally designed for military markets. Its flexibility and strength meant military with MOD and Prime Contractors immediately seeing a use for the products. Amazon Cases and Amazon Racks are rotomoulded from high-grade polyethylene material with a nominal thickness of around 4mil; it is a fantastic material for absorbing impact. It’s UV stabilised, easily cleaned and won’t corrode in any way.

Protective Cases – Field Deployment

Our Amazon Cases are fully accredited so our customers are confident they’re going to do the job. Interesting features include a recess in the lip of the lid. This fits inside the base so if the case takes any side impact the lid won’t displace; making it strong and secure when in transit. There is also a stacking feature enabling you to load the large cases with the small cases; interlocking them together.

Given the nature of military missions, contents cannot be packed loosely. Yet they require the best possible protection. Foam inserts (which are CNC routed) are designed for a perfect fit. We provide alternative densities of foam, according to respective uses and applications.

Amazon Cases are the ideal deployable field ally. Equipment and supplies can easily be transported and operational on demand.



From carrying field supplies to transporting munitions in customised Weapons Cases and even carrying water purification systems via the Wananchi Séon UV keeps operational whilst in the field.

Medical support is also critical for operational requirements and in support of emergencies and disasters. Amazon Cases are the perfect solution for base camps and deployable medical centres. Keeping life-saving equipment safe from moisture, dust, sand, salt and even impact.




19” Racks – Secure Communications

Our Amazon Racks allow the integration of electronic equipment in a strong, robust and rotomoulded enclosure. The Italian Army uses them for a Video Surveillance System. Images and information are fed back to the control station for immediate action. Barrett Communications integrates transit cases as a Rapid Field Deployment System for HF and VHF interoperability and they can be easily vehicle-mounted.



From L to R: – Italian Army, Barrett Communications, vehicle-mounted.

Secure and satellite communications are very much a mainstay of military operations. ERack and Custom Racks & Enclosures have proven to be the ideal solution for clients where weight and EMC shielding (or TEMPEST shielding) is required.

Examples include field-based communications such as the Portable Reconnaissance Image Screening System (PRISS) using ERack; that allows the viewing of imagery post-sortie giving front line users immediate validation. CP Cases were integral to the Aircraft Carrier Alliance project and produced Custom Enclosures for the Internal Network Electronics for the two new Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carriers. When presented with bespoke and COTS items for interface to the Eurofighter, a Custom Rack was designed and manufactured for Aeroflex.



From Left to Right: PRISS, Custom Enclosure as part of the ACA and Custom ERack for Aeroflex.


Designed to withstand the extreme

ERack is designed to work in very severe conditions and is also accredited to IP65 for water and dust ingress and MIL-STD-810F for climatic changes, shock and vibration. ERack is tested to an EMC standard and includes a patented, unique rim-fold, making it extremely strong.

Where required, our racks can be fitted with alternative AV mounts, elastomeric or wire rope depending on payload and use.

Remaining on the theme of secure and satellite communications. A unique partnership between AirShip – a super lightweight custom designed Protective Case. And SatRack – a super lightweight 19” rack was produced for Vislink to create a complete communications solution.

Each item was designed for a one-man lift, for easy and quick field deployment.

AirShip has a rugged outer textile container with a honeycomb polypropylene inner construction and a laminated structure. This provides rigidity and strength to safeguard the contents.



SatRack has a polypropylene shell and is contained within a weatherproof, PU backed, nylon fabric outer bag complete with tamper-proof, pad-lockable, zipped panels allowing front and rear access.

Climate Control

Where remote locations have extreme temperatures our range of COOL Portable Air Conditioning units are designed to keep electronics fully operational. Our climate control devices operate from >35°C to <-10°C.

The Swedish Armed Forces approached CP Cases with a requirement for a rack system for electronic and communications equipment. These containers also had to comply with a number of specific requirements:

  • Adaptable to different climates.
  • Drop and impact protected.
  • Easily portable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • DC or AC from 12v to 240v power supply.
  • Equipment to be mounted in easily replaceable rack chassis.

The solution was an ERack with a COOL-Collar™ – read the full story here

There is almost no limit to the different solutions we offer the military and other markets – we help keep things moving forward. For more information on our solutions for the Defence or other markets we serve, please follow the respective links.