Anti-vibration cases and racks

The facts

  • Patented technology provides complete peace of mind

  • Used by NATO

  • Cases also protect against dust and water

  • Completely customisable solutions

Your equipment costs thousands.

But it’s worth nothing if vibrations on the road damage it beyond repair.

Our 19-inch anti-vibration mounted racks make sure that doesn’t happen, creating a robust transport and deployment system. Plus, angled elastomeric or wire rope anti-vibration mounts can meet your specific payload or impact and/or anti-vibration needs.

The ProRack, for example, features a robust outer case with a suspended internal chassis, creating a “cage-within-a-cage” that opens up “sway space”. Inside, the anti-vibration mounts are carefully calibrated to insulate your equipment from vibrations, shocks and impacts. The system protects equipment so well that we’ve patented its design. 

The ProRack includes anti-vibration mounts precisely calibrated to supply the best possible support to your goods, no matter how heavy or fragile.

You’re in good company

CP Cases’ ProRack is now widely used in many commercial, industrial and military organisations. In fact, we ship them worldwide for telecoms, outside broadcast and data collection applications. The ProRack is available in U-heights from 4U to 30U in 2U intervals, with various chassis depths.

Our Amazon racks are also popular with customers who need protection against damaging vibrations. As with all our products, these racks are fully customisable, so you can be sure that they’re perfectly suited to your requirements. They come in various grades to give the right suspension characteristics for the loads they’re supporting.

And the Amazon rack and the ProRack take into account more than just the effect of vibrations. The ‘floating’ chassis inside the racks provide all-round air circulation, which is an absolute must for some loads, particularly if they’re sensitive to humidity. While there are also dust-proof aluminium lids to keep that threat at bay.


Trusted by NATO

Many of our racks come with MIL-STD-810 accreditation – proof that they’ve stood up to serious environmental testing.

Plus, the majority of our Amazon Racks and SatRacks carry NATO stock numbers because the alliance uses them so often.

You’ll also turn to them time and again. Every inch of these cases is made from materials of the highest quality, meaning they’re as durable as they are effective. 

What’s more, they’re incredibly lightweight and easy to move around, considering the strength and protection they offer. Some of our anti-vibrations cases and racks weigh as little as 8kg.

While the EasyGlide chassis frame option lets you easily withdraw the 19-inch inner frame, even in tight spaces, without losing any anti-vibration qualities.

Find out how we’ve helped hundreds of companies in various markets: take a look at our case studies.