Air Management & Climate Control

The facts

  • Temperature, dust, moisture and corrosion-resistant

  • Detachable air conditioning systems for easier transportation

  • Smart valves regulate air pressure

  • Completely customisable solutions

Keep your products at just the right temperature and you’ll keep them working just right.

For many goods, proper air management and climate control is the difference between equipment functioning and irreparable damage. When your products are being transported through – or stored in – exceptionally hot or cold climates, you can’t afford to ignore the effects of those conditions. In other environments, air pressure must be regulated.

We put just as much effort into effective air management and climate control as we put into guarding against impacts. And when you can completely customise your protective rack solution, you can be sure it’ll give your goods complete protection.

Keeping the elements out

Going far beyond air conditioning, our climate control systems give you precise temperature management – through sensors and an integrated computer.

Fitted to our popular Amazon Racks and ERacks, you’ll find our COOL systems are robust, and easy to set up and use. If you choose a 'COOL Collar', you can even remove the system from your 19-inch rack to make transportation easier.

Plus, with specialised membranes and fan/exhaust systems, these racks also keep dust, corrosion and humidity out, while maintaining interior ventilation. In fact, our racks offer such effective protection that many of them are IP65-rated. You can also see how well they work with a humidity indicator, while replaceable desiccants help to soak up water and support dryness.

When your products are being transported through inhospitable conditions, you can rest assured that conditions inside the rack are completely different.


Performing under pressure

Many of our customers need to keep products at specific air pressures. This is particularly common among clients in the defence and marine sectors, where sensitive equipment is often moved through different altitudes.  

We can fit our racks with various valves, indicators and vents, customised to meet your precise needs. There are two-way, automatic pressure and vacuum relief valves, which can be set to open and close when certain pressure levels are reached. Of course, manual override controls also allow for the equalisation of pressure inside the rack.

Even if you’re not taking equipment to the depths of the ocean or to high altitudes, moving between climatic zones can result in dramatic changes in air pressure, as does air travel. Whatever your plans, we have the systems – and the expertise – to protect your goods.

Take a look at our case studies to see how we’ve helped countless organisations.