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Lightweight compact casing for portable technology

CP Cases works with Source Medical to develop a lightweight compact medical equipment case for innovative 3D bladder scanning technology.


The Challenge

Source Medical, delivers cost effective solutions to healthcare providers in both the NHS and private sector. Working with the UK’s largest Acute Hospital Trusts, Community and Mental Health Trusts and other care providers Source Medical identified that community continence teams were subjected to carrying large, costly and heavy equipment out into the community on a daily basis. They needed a smaller more user-friendly option that would make life easier and, if possible, reduce NHS expenditure.

As a result, Source Medical identified a more innovative, less expensive state-of-the art solution that would provide a greater level of flexibility and save costs. However, the carry case that the technology came in was cumbersome and not optimised for its use and function. Furthermore, Source Medical believed that they could bring the product to life with a better designed casing solution that would be practical as well as protect the technology inside, provide cost savings and significant advantages for the end user thus making the lives of NHS staff a bit easier.


The Solution

The protective carry case designed and manufactured by CP Cases for Source Medical 3D bladder scanning equipment improves the functionality of the small and powerful bladder scanner twofold: Reducing the load for community teams due to carrying lighter weight equipment as well as providing time savings through improvements to the functionality of the equipment within the case itself.

Equivalent devices already in use are much bulkier and heavier. In comparison, the new technology by Source Medical is significantly smaller and a new case design would make it truly mobile. The bag was to provide a bespoke glove like solution that could fit all the other accessories into a visually pleasing but practical bag.


Job Details

The bespoke rugged casing solution developed by CP Cases was designed to user specification to ensure optimum functionality.

One of the main benefits being that once the bag is open the scanner is ready to use. Depending on the user preference the scanner element can be positioned differently within the case to either display the screen on a diagonal 45 degree angle or with the screen facing up.

With the screen in the primary diagonal position there is a cable entry port in order to charge the machine without removing any of the equipment from the case. Internal dividers and compartments house the various accessories with a space for the scanner, the probe and cables and a pack of wipes inside and additional external pockets for a gel bottle and other accessories.

The case is weatherproof with the outer shell made from highly resistant Cordura textile which has a PU coating laminated on the inner side. It is highly protective with foam padding everywhere and the lid, base and back reinforced with polyboard. A high quality robust hard-wearing YKK zipper ensures easy access and optimal usability whilst the entire bag can be easily cleaned or wiped.

A versatile adjustable strap completes the bag and also ensures maximum carry comfort allowing for it to be worn overarm or across the body. The colours were chosen by Source Medical to reflect the colour of the equipment.


Finding an ideal partner that understands your product and market is pretty tough – particularly when your innovative product is targeted at NHS Continence Teams!

We decided to go to the market but found the usual responses with the usual solutions i.e. nothing different and certainly nothing innovative. However, CP Cases were and are different.

Of course CP Cases have a good knowledge of the healthcare sector but that didn’t stop a great pitch; one that demonstrated considerable effort and time spent understanding us and the needs of our potential customers.

Since contracting CP Cases they have spent time with us to understand more fully what we’re looking to achieve and have helped re-define our innovative product with a case solution that actually enhances the benefits of the product even further.

The CP Cases team, led by Joachim, have bought expertise and innovation to further enhance our product – and that in itself is a wonderful accomplishment.

David Parker, National Sales Manager, Source Medical


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