Our 19” racks suit a host of markets and applications.  These rack-mount transit cases are available in sizes from 2U to 18U and when required, custom sizes can be accommodated.  Lightweight, strong and impact-resistant, our racks allow our customers to have fully deployable and operational equipment on demand.  Our racks meet various MIL STDS and are well-suited for the extreme demands of transportation and use in extreme environments across the globe, resulting in safe storage and protection of your fragile electronic rack-mount equipment.

Many rack solutions have custom configurations.  These products are used in a variety of sectors – broadcasting, live performance, satellite, telecom, test and measurement, marine, security, defense, homeland security and more.  As an example, news gatherers find our SatRack line of racks essential for use in their organizations.  The lightweight design of SatRack allows the integration of satellite and electronic equipment within checked baggage limits.

By contrast, our ruggedized ERack transit cases include a patented design, of welded aluminum construction, allowing for EMI shielding capabilities when required. 

Further, our hugely popular Amazon (rotomolded polyethylene) racks add to our full range of 19” rack-mount, shock-mounted transit cases.  These products combine the tough resilience of a rotomolded case with an aluminum or stainless steel shock-mounted inner chassis. 

Ask us about our case studies highlighting details of various solutions for diverse customers such as The Italian Army, The Aircraft Carrier Alliance, The Swedish Armed Forces and more.

Our 19 inch racks, enclosures and cabinets meet everyday challenges of rough handling and climatic/environmental hazards and many meet IP standards up to IP65.  Most are also accredited to stringent MIL-STD-810F.  For special applications that require unique Half Racks, we manufacture a complete line of these products within our ERack and SatRack product lines.

To meet the demands of extreme temperatures, customers can also add climate control systems to Amazon Racks and ERack transit cases, providing a proper level of cooling and heating, as required. 

Please follow the links below to view the range of alternative racks available to all customers.  You can also view many specialist solutions by referring to our Markets section.

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