Forklift skids

The facts

  • Make everyday transportation easier

  • Fit cases used by NATO

  • Completely customisable solutions

Transporting your goods should be easy – and safe. That’s what we’ve been specialising in for over 50 years.

It’s not enough for your products or equipment to be wrapped up snuggly in carefully-designed protective cases. Any protective case also has to be easy to move about and load into planes, ships or warehouses.

After all, travelling and storage are what these cases are for. They go from A to B to C countless times with your goods, keeping them intact and in perfect condition on the road.

Our expertly-crafted cases can be fitted with forklift skid spacers, making the task of loading and unloading them simpler and speedier. This reduces the potential for mishaps – and damage to your products – when handling them with forklifts. Plus, it also saves your business money by making an everyday process more efficient.

Protecting products for 50 years

For half a century, we’ve been making sure valuable goods get where you need them to be. Our customers operate in all kinds of markets, transporting (and storing) everything from delicate medical equipment and fragile broadcast gear to expensive military hardware.

So we understand how to ask the right questions and turn complex briefs into easy-to-use protective products. We design our products using cutting-edge technology and craft them with precision engineering. And we make sure they meet your exact requirements, so that there’s absolutely no chance of your equipment coming to any harm. When you unpack your products, they’ll be in perfect working order – no matter how many miles they’ve done.

Trusted by NATO

Our popular Amazon cases and some other cases carry NATO stock numbers because the alliance uses them so often. Just like NATO, you’ll rely upon them again and again. Made with top-quality materials and rigorously tested, they’re as durable as they are effective.

Crucially, our protective gear is surprisingly lightweight, considering how strong it is. Some of our cases and racks weigh as little as 8kg.

Find out how we’ve helped hundreds of companies like yours: take a look at our case studies.