Ultra Electronics Amazon Cases

Large scale Amazon cases for deployable printers and plotters used on front-line operations

Ultra Electronics is an internationally successful defence and security prime contractor and energy company. This particular project entailed direct supply to the Ministry Of Defence.

C4ISTAR (command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance) operations in the theatre often require large scale print-outs of maps and other forms of data.


The Challenge

The MOD supplies scanning and printing equipment to operational troops in Afghanistan to enable command control to print out large (A0 and A1 size) format planning information. CP Cases was asked to design and submit a proposal that would enable the customer to deploy the equipment to the location safely and securely, as it is not designed or intended to be moved and is very sensitive to dust.

The Canon scanners and printers are huge machines, the iPF650 printer alone weighs over 54kg and has a footprint of 1061 x 998 x 811 mm, and are delicate and sensitive to vibration and shock.


Job Details

CP Cases set about designing a protective solution in an Amazon Case that would enable the printer and plotters to be safely transported and stored whilst protecting it from the extremes of the Afghan environment. It required the development of modular tools, which would facilitate the manufacture of such a large case size needed to accommodate the printer, all well within existing engineering capabilities. Amazon Cases range meets MIL STD-810F and NTS J-0306-268 and are ingress protection rated IP65, offering a practical solution to deploying the printers in harsh environmental conditions.

The cases for this task are designed so that once in situ the printers and plotters remained in their casing which doubled as a stand and desk, while being completely accessible for use and maintenance. CP Cases were able to meet the needs of the customer, fulfilling each operational requirement on time and to budget.

This association is not CP Cases only success in providing protective solutions for large scale printers and plotters and we have worked with many manufacturers of these products including; HP, Ricoh and Calumet. CP Cases is the specialist in ruggedised protective solutions for this type of large scale equipment.