The Ashes

The Challenge

It has been over 3 years since the Ashes urn was last displayed in Australia during a 14 week tour of the country’s museums. During that time, the 127 year old ceramic urn was protected in a customised aluminium case designed and manufactured by CP Cases.

The famous urn travelled to Australia strapped securely into it’s own seat and handcuffed to the wrist of the MCC museum curator. A ticket was made out in the name of “Ashes, Urn, Mr.”

With the 2009 Ashes tournament nearly here, CP Case’s chairman Peter Ross recalls the day the transit case left the factory; “obviously when you’re tasked with protecting something that is insured for 7 figures and is one of the most recognised sporting emblems in the world, you want to get it right.”

An AluCurve case was chosen because of the stylish appearance and high degree of customisation available. The urn was visible through a viewing window in the case but was completely protected with foam, humidity control indicators and automatic pressure release valves.


Job Details

The Solution

The lid of the case is fitted with an integral neoprene gasket to protect contents against rain, dirt and dust.

For easy maneuverability of heavier contents, low profile recessed wheels and a reinforced, retractable handle can be fitted. Indents can be created in the body of the case to fit a wide range of labels including write-on/ wipe off, screen printed, engraved and bar coding. Because the labels are recessed they are protected from scratching.

Products Used


AluCurve cases are constructed from 2mm rigidised aluminium and without an edge corner weld to prevent seam splitting.

Tough pre-pressed corners add extra strength and resistance to drop damage.

These can be fitted with self adhesive corner domes (‘smarties’), to help identify cases in a crowd.


Ashes 5 COx1200

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