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Super lightweight case and ease of portability

Rohde & Schwarz recently announced the release of their Benchmarker II Go, a highly scalable and flexible benchmarking solution for mobile network system testing. The product is a lightweight and robust transit case holding up to eight commercially available smart phones, laptop, power supply and associated cabling. Benchmarker II Go has been designed to support the telecommunications market, mobile operators and service providers allowing testing whilst on the move – nationally and internationally.

The product was specifically created for ad hoc measurement campaigns therefore it had to be a contained unit, easily transportable and lightweight. Given that the measurement campaigns are national, international and on the move the product design had to account for a number of key applications.

CP Cases were approached to design the case to help give Rohde & Schwarz a go to market strategy in support of Benchmarker II Go.

CP Cases came into play for a number of key reasons.

  • Firstly the case; because it’s on the move, nationally and internationally, the client needed a case that was easily portable and would meet IATA  International Air Transport Association) guidelines.
  • Secondly, the weight; given this is typically a one man operation the case construction and design had to be super lightweight and offer ease of portability.
  • Thirdly, strength; sensitive equipment on the move needs to be operational on site – the case needs to be strong and robust.


Job Details

Using the unique design formula of AirShip, CP Cases produced a case to fulfil the specification precisely. AirShip comprises typically a rugged textile outer covering allowing for branding, straps, handles and fasteners, foam internals which are cut to the design of the equipment and reinforced honeycomb  polypropylene for strength. In addition CP Cases added lid hinges, that could be fixed whilst testing is undertaken, and wheels with telescopic handles for ease of handling.

The finished article weighed less than 6kg but has near MIL standard performance and as a result Rohde & Schwarz are able to provide a system for their clients that:

  • allows ad hoc measurement campaigns.
  • can be powered by a standard cigarette lighter socket, no need for expensive customisations.
  • is contained in a strong, robust and lightweight carrying case
  • reduced costs for logistics and transportation

Products Used


The Benchmarker II Go can be deployed as required and mobile networks can be tested easily and quickly.

Rohde and Schwarz CP Cases

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