Quadratec Communications Cases

Amazon case based response to Urgent Operational Requirement

Quadratec Limited is an advanced technology company involved in the design, development and manufacture of engineering products, instrumentation, machines and test equipment offering a unique blend of advanced technology engineering across a broad range of industries. The company has built a significant track record of providing highly competent technical solutions to complex problems across sophisticated niche markets.


The Challenge

Quadratec Ltd was tasked with producing a fully packaged bespoke solution to replace the existing deployable data and communications system used by UK MOD and military forces on operational deployment.

Comprising of a communications hub, display screens, telecoms equipment and data encryptors, the system was a secure field-office, with the capability to receive, utilise and transmit encoded data, in an array of formats; voice, visual and data. The units needed to be packaged in robust containers, each of the same size and as compact as possible, and to facilitate quick deployment and storage.


The Solution

CP Cases treated this job as a UOR (Urgent Operational Requirement), and set about customising its Amazon Case format to fit this requirement. The only constraints were existing equipment dimensions (data encryptors, display screens, ancillary equipment such as telephones, etc).

As always CP Cases worked very closely with the system designers and engineers from Quadratec to ensure that all aspects of the requirement were addressed and considered early in the process to mitigate issues and problems that might be encountered, enabling the entire system to be packaged in three Amazon format cases.

All Amazon Cases are produced using a process called rotational moulding. It’s ideal for making tough, waterproof cases, using a high quality polymer that thickens at the edges and corners for extra strength and impact resistance. Custom designed foam inserts were produced to protect the individual components during the arduous rigours of deployment to, and use in ,operational theatres.

The initial requirement of seven sets of three boxes were delivered within 3 months of the preliminary inquiry, which included incorporating a revised communications hub once over 80% of the task was complete.