Naim Audio

Naim Audio is not just any hi-fi provider, their systems go beyond sound, bringing you a deeper more immersive listening experience that has to be heard to be believed.

And weighing in at 101kg Statement  is no ordinary amplifier and represents the pinnacle of Naim Audio engineering knowledge and artistry so far. Its dedicated assembly line means each Statement component is assembled on a special two-part table. The build level has a retractable ball-bearing system that allows the technicians to move the complete chassis easily, and then have complete stability once it is positioned properly.

Once each product is assembled, a hoist is used to shift the massive deadweight, 101kg, into the purpose built flight case waiting on the second, lower table.
The separate wheeled base is bolted to the amp and then the whole table lifts hydraulically to stand the finished unit on its feet. The clamshell can be removed, leaving the wheels in place, allowing easy QA checks and installation. Read more.


Job Details

The flight case, a ProCase, is custom built and forms part of Statement’s production line and manufacturing process. Designed around the unique features of Statement the ProCase has a high quality finish and encloses the system forming part of the finished unit.

The ProCase needs to look and act the part too. The payload of 101kg and equipment valued in excess of £125k means you have an extremely discerning  customers demanding the very best of quality. The ProCase is designed to transport the payload in a smart reusable case.

The clamshell allows easy access and onsite installation. Housed in foam too, Statement can be safely and securely transport without risk of damage. The decision to use a ProCase is not by chance either, they are recognised as the hallmark of quality engineering and manufacturing using the best available materials and applying the highest quality build standards. Read more.