James Henry

James Henry is a singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer. Originally from Liverpool but now based locally in West London Isleworth, James first used CP Cases to custom build a case for his PA system, which is still working fine to this day.

“I bought it back in August 2007, with a CP Cases custom-made bag for my speaker poles following in October 2007. I chose CP Cases because they were local and they understood my requirements immediately – I guess this is what they mean by their heritage. I wanted a more sturdy and robust product than the case I’d bought from the speaker manufacturer which fell apart after a few months and provided scant protection for the speakers anyway.”

James is an independent musician whose career is progressing well.

His first album, “Sweetener”, subtly hinted at many of his primary influences such as The Beatles, James Taylor and Cat Stevens whilst registering a hallmark sound of his own. It is a somewhat spartan production, stripped-down in places to a simple acoustic guitar and vocal combination that showcases the tasteful economy of his writing and performing skills.

His second album, “Overspill”, was released in June 2011. It is, loosely, a “pop opera” which endeavours to capture the lives of several characters in one short space of time, all living in or around a “small town” bordering a much more prosperous “large town”. The album has a narrative which flows freely between songs and is available as a limited edition CD with a 16-page booklet. Two singles were released from this album – “The Sun Is Cracking The Flags” and “Don’t Let It Happen”. Both can be listened to from James’ online shop at http://shop.jameshenry.net/

The video to the single “Don’t Let It Happen” is to be shown on NubTV (Sky 212, Freesat 161, Freeview 254) on Sunday 4th December, 10pm, 2016. Visit www.jameshenry.net/ for more details.

A new album is also scheduled for release next year.


Job Details

“The usage was to protect the speakers mainly in transit to and from my gigs. I also wanted it to house a couple of extras, so that I could carry enough to make one journey from my car to and from venues. Extra space was included to accommodate cables, my personal monitor and a much smaller speaker made by a company called TC Helicon. CP Cases was able to design a lower compartment into the build for me, to house this monitor. A telescopic handle and wheels were also included in the design.”