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David Sims is a British fashion photographer. Sims began by assisted photographers Robert Erdmann and Norman Watson, then went on to join photographer’s agency M.A.P. and worked with a number of their clients. In 1993, 2000 and 2001 Sims signed one-year exclusive contracts to Harper’s Bazaar (USA). He has photographed for W magazine, The Face, Arena, i-D, L’Uomo Vogue, Arena Homme Plus, Vogue Homme International, British Vogue and Dazed & Confused. His advertising clients have included Pepsi, Gap, Prada, Helmut Lang, Yohji Yamamoto, Levis, Louis Vuitton, Jil Sander, Hugo Boss, Rimmel, Givenchy, BCBG and Nike.

Today, he is a regular contributor to Vogue, delivering immaculate and energetic images that eschew story line, stripping away all distractions to put the focus strictly on the clothes.


Job Details

As usual, CP Cases’ designers measured and modelled the equipment to be protected and then set about creating a hard case system, based on commercial off-the-shelf system, with foam inserts, that fully protected the apparatus.

However this proved to be too heavy for luggage check-in, once extra, ancillary components , such as spare mice and keyboards, had been added.

This meant a brand new design had to be considered and therefore a solution involving CP Cases’ patented SatRack design features was implemented.

The Project

An artist of David’s level obviously requires their extensive and expensive equipment to be protected at the highest level but still be available in a mobile format, allowing them to take and use gear anywhere in the world. Therefore using a hard case with customised foam inserts is the logical solution. However not every off-the-shelf bag or case fulfils the user’s needs or even complies with international transport regulations, and it is in this latter example where CP Cases’ ability to design and supply specialised builds came to the fore.

The system that had been supplied to David’s company, David Sims Studios, to transport post production equipment, such as computers, monitors and other user peripherals, was proving to be too heavy and bulky to be checked in as regular baggage on flights to locations and studios around the world, and therefore a better, lighter solution, while still maintaining the systems’ strength and protective qualities, was required.

Having not dealt with DSS before, CP Cases needed to fully understand the extent of the problem and the customer’s needs and requirements. Full engagement is something CP always tries to achieve, since most clients require a customised solution and fully understanding that need is the only way to deliver a complete answer.


Products Used


The case is basically a SatRack unit with the rack mounting systems removed

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