Want 80% utilised space in a 40ft container?

Two years in development, the CP Amazon 4080 project is designed to precisely maximise the space in a 20ft or 40ft ISO shipping container.

CP Cases has 50 years of experience manufacturing high-performance cases worldwide. We have learnt over the years what materials work for different environments. These new sized Amazon Cases are built with a high-grade polyethylene formula which is an ideal material for absorbing impact, is UV stabilised, easy to clean, and won’t corrode. Rotational moulding (rotomoulding) delivers around 15–20% more material in the edges and corners of the cases providing more strength in the usually fragile places; helping to support when dropped.

Because a lot of our cases are used by the military, we put our products through standard military testing. That includes tests against hot and cold climate, driving rain and sand, fungus, sort-fog, drop and vibration, loose cargo load, ultraviolet, direct sunlight, and humidity before leaving our factory. This gives our customers the comfort that our products have already been accredited. We are confident that our product will do the job it’s put in the field to do.

The new Amazon sizes, like all of our products are built in the UK at our West London home, meaning we hold all manufacturing under one roof. This helps a lot with lead time and getting the order out on schedule for the customer even when the order is bespoke – we fit to the customer’s requirements.

Download the study to find out more about this new range of Amazon case sizes.


Job Details

Available in two sizes, these cases fit the exact dimensions of a standard 1200 x 800 Euro Pallet. With the height of the cases fitting inside a standard ISO 20ft or 40ft container whilst on the pallet. This gives you a secure container whilst using the maximum storage space.

Products Used

4080 System - euro pallet stackable cases

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