Camera Corps

Cutting edge technology that captures unique live TV coverage

Camera Corps are designers and manufacturers of speciality remote camera systems and has been appointed for many prestigious and high profile live events and productions including entertainment shows and international sporting events. Their products bring the genuine “wow” factor to live coverage and slow motion replays from unusual and challenging positions and environments.


The Challenge

CP Cases were approached by Camera Corp to design camera covers to protect their camera systems when in operation at some of the leading aquatic events – given the camera systems were remotely controlled and inverted to capture unique footage, we were set some unusual and difficult challenges.

Camera Corps speciality camera systems are the hallmark of performance therefore we needed to ensure our solution was a superior match and exceeded expectations ensuring the viewing public’s entertainment was not disrupted.

The design had to account for complex and simultaneous movements; from a complete 360° rotation to a vertical y axis movement, as the camera followed its subjects through dives and turns. Neither could camera cables become entangled with the cover nor could it be allowed to slip and cover the lens, thereby snagging the camera or blocking vision.


The Solution

The camera system was measured and its operation monitored to track its movements and extensions. In doing so a template design was created and prototypes produced from which a final proposition was manufactured. The material used was a coated Nylon Astro 210 with heat sealed seams. It was decided to develop the camera cover in two parts, each to account for the respective camera functionality, allowing the respective movement without risk of each part becoming entwined with the other. The camera covers were wrapped around each part and fastened securely so they remain in position allowing freedom of operation, clear visibility for filming and protection from the elements.

The customer was equally impressed with the final version: “I just wanted to say the rain covers you made for us worked perfectly even in the very heaviest rain showers. The changes we made to the first prototype were definitely worth doing. Thanks you very much for pulling it all together in such a short space of time. We will be in touch when we need new covers…”