What are 19 inch racks used for?

Our 19 inch racks suit a host of markets and applications and are available as standard up to 18U, and where required can also be designed for custom made enclosures. Lightweight, strong and impact resistant they allow our clients to have fully deployable and operational equipment on demand – our 19 inch racks meet the various and extreme demands of transportation in the most extreme environments meaning safe storage and protection of fragile electronic equipment.

Many solutions have bespoke configurations and are used in a range of sectors; defence & security, broadcast, satellite & telecoms, test & measurement, live performance and many others. For example, news gatherers find SatRack as an essential ally to their communication needs – its lightweight design allows the integration of satellite and electronic equipment within checked baggage limits.

By contrast ERack, a patented monocoque design manufactured in ruggedised aluminium, allows for EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) shielding and where information security has no compromise we can also provide TEMPEST shielding. Amazon Racks compliment the range combining the tough resilience of a rotomoulded case with a stainless steel rack frame.

What are the different types of 19 inch ranks available?

Examples of the various solutions we have designed can be found in our case study section:

Our 19 inch racks, cabinets and enclosures meet the everyday challenges of rough handling and climatic or environmental hazards and many meet IP standards of up to IP65 and are accredited to MIL-STD 810. The majority of Amazon Racks, ERacks and SatRacks also carry NATO stock numbers and in the case of ERack and SatRack are available in half rack sizes.

To meet the demands of extreme temperatures you can add climate control systems to Amazon Racks and ERack.

Follow the links below to view the range of alternative racks available to you.

You can also view many specialist solutions by referring to our markets section.

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