SONY PSE is a division of SONY Europe and supplies products, systems and solutions to the business market and produces capabilities tailored for the healthcare, media & broadcast, network video monitoring, transport and venue industries.

Sonaps is a network TV production system and fully managed environment for the planning, ingest, production and publishing of audio-visual (AV) content, with a main focus on news programs. An essential part of Sonaps is the professional non-linear video editing system, XPRI NS, that allows simultaneous shared access to all material with full browsing capability, permitting the widest variety of content to be used, thus improving the quality of output.

The Challenge

A common installation of the Sonaps capability is to provide a mobile solution, for outside broadcast, event coverage and emergency news gathering; this require the production capability to provide studio and editing facilities, including cameras, on location. The studio needs to have all facilities to be integrated, including monitors screens, and to be operational on arrival, mitigating unnecessary set-up time.

A case was required that could protect the equipment during transit and then become the mobile studio on deployment.

Job Details

The Solution

To meet this requirement, CP Cases ProCase was selected to provide the best protection without adding too much weight and bulk.

ProCase is constructed from laminated Finnish birch plywood and aluminium extrusions with corners reinforced with heavy-duty knuckle ball joints and was designed to meet even the most complex requirements.

CP Cases’ in-house design team set about creating a ProCase with a lid that opened out with studio screens integrated into them, while the lower section includes a dual keyboard tray and drawers with additional space for the AV processing units and supporting IT equipment.

Gas struts are used to control the opening and shutting of the case lid and to hold it in position and the surface of the case is finished off with a layer of dual colour foam with the Sonaps logo CNC routed into it.

Space for the cables was incorporated throughout the case, so that the surface area was left uncluttered, while additional AV equipment was then housed in a ProRack, CP Cases’ range of plywood 19-inch racks. Constructed using the same high quality materials and processes as ProCase, racks are available in anti-vibration and fixed rail variations in standard sizes from 4U to 34U.

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