Sony Broadcast

Protection of broadcast equipment during operation

Working with Sky and a number of other International Broadcasters, SONY has developed state-of-the-art outside broadcast trucks. SONY required assistance with the containment and protection of equipment in the trucks during transportation and utilisation. 


The Challenge

SONY’s recent commission by a Russian Sports Broadcaster, required Outside Broadcast (OB) vehicles built to an unusually high specification, for use in forthcoming prestige winter sports events.

The 3 OB trucks contained full editing suites whilst the 3 support trucks contained storage for cameras and associated equipment. Constrained by space, the SONY  teams’ were challenged to take transport more equipment in the same amount of available physical space.


Job Details

The Solution

Competing against SONY’s existing supplier meant CP Cases need to develop and manufacture solutions that not only met with their requirements but exceeded them.

The development of interchangeable lids on the ends of the cases and racks was also key.

Ian Lainsbury, CP Cases manufacturing said: “All of our cases are handmade and due to the nature of the 2mm rigidised aluminium we use there can be a fraction of a mm difference between each case.  Accuracy is key. Our in-house expertise with using complex materials was vital to arriving at a solution that met SONY’s requirements.”

For further protection, a selection of custom-machined foam inserts were fitted for added protection during transit.

Products Used


The AluCurve case, traditionally used by the broadcast media because of its strength and lightweight qualities provided the solution. A suite of AluCurve cases in 5 different sizes and configurations were custom-made for the trucks including:
• 19” electronics racks
• Cases with bespoke foam inserts

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