What are the challenges of outside broadcasting?

Taking the complex apparatus and equipment of broadcasting out of the confines of the studio – and into the outside world – is essential to ensure broadcasters have a varied, diverse output that reflects their viewership and feels connected to reality. 

From live sports events to unfolding news stories or simply taking a well-established programme out on the road, outside broadcasting offers TV companies limitless opportunity to tell stories, but it comes with its own unique set of challenges and setbacks which only the most specialised, high-quality equipment can meet effectively. 

At all but the very biggest events where an outside broadcast takes place, having the equivalent of an entire studio and gallery’s worth of equipment is not possible. Often there is one small vehicle relaying signals back to the main broadcast centre, so knowing how to operate effectively with limited resources is also hugely important. 


Why is outside broadcasting challenging?

There are a number of different hurdles that have to be overcome during an outside broadcast, and at CP Cases one of our specialisms is manufacturing industry-leading equipment that allows you to do this.


The challenges of outside broadcasting include:

The weather and environment

It goes without saying that all electrical equipment from cameras and microphones to mixing consoles and monitors have to be protected from rain, but there are other reasons the elements can cause problems. On windy days, dirt or sand – depending on the type of environment you are in – could cause damage to equipment if even the smallest amount gets into it. Robust and weatherproof protection is crucial.


Broadcasting takes huge amounts of power, often due to lighting in particular. Having the right generators in place to avoid overloading local electricity supplies is vital, and these also need to be housed in the right protective casing.


Natural light can play its part in an outside broadcast, but having a supplementary lighting setup makes all the difference when it comes to the final picture that viewers will see at home – and finding the right spot that lights well can be a challenge in itself. This makes lighting just as important, and almost as power-consuming, as it would be in a studio. In addition, lighting needs to be set up safely and well-ventilated to avoid overheating.


Many metres of cabling has to be run across the site for video signals, audio signals and power, in a way that is completely safe and reliable. Poor cabling is done in a hurry or without the proper care and attention can cause serious danger to life, especially when the elements are involved.


There is often not much time to set up and take down equipment at the location, but it is important to do this in a way which not only ensures safety but protects the outside broadcasting gear too. 


What equipment does CP Cases supply for outside broadcasting?

Our bags and TV cases are designed in conjunction with broadcast professionals in order to offer practical solutions that are easy to use and tested in the field. We are able to design bespoke products to order and are always developing innovative new lightweight products that are more cost-effective. Our clients include major broadcasters like the BBC and newsgathering organisations like Reuters and the Associated Press.

We also manufacture bespoke 19” racks to protect sensitive equipment in even the most challenging locations and environments, and these are deployed not only across the broadcast industry but also in other fields such as defence and medical supplies. 

Our camera rain covers are among the most reliable on the market, made from a water repellent urethane-coated material and made to order in bespoke sizes if necessary. They have been used at some of the most famous sporting events and live events in the world. 


Speak to us about outside broadcasting

At CP Cases we pride ourselves on meeting the exact needs of clients across a huge range of industries, and we’ve been developing and improving our products for over 50 years. Contact us today to talk about your requirements and our friendly team will be glad to hear from you.


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