What Did We Learn at Aerospace & Defense Meetings Torino 2023

Aerospace and Defense Meetings Torino 2023 has sadly finished for another year, but we can gladly say we felt over the moon after returning with a wealth of new-found knowledge about the previously uncertain future of the industry. The event was an eye opening and insightful experience, so what are some of the key insights we picked up from this memorable experience.

ADM Torino has established itself as the only international matchmaking event for the aerospace and defence industry in Italy. The Aerospace industry represents the largest manufacturing sector in Italy in the field of high-tech integrated systems.

Across three days exhibitors and visitors had the opportunity to connect with familiar faces, build targeted business relationships with key industry players and uncover the latest from the aerospace and defence sector. ADM Torino is unlike any other aerospace event as it connects Tier 1 and 2 suppliers with manufacturers and service providers from across the civil and aviation defence industry, through a series of personalised one-to-one meetings.  

There were a few clear things that stood out to us at the event, these were the need for continuous technological advancements in order to meet the rapidly changing industry demands whilst still maintaining a sustainable approach to manufacturing. ADM Torino also highlighted the industry’s continued commitment to reducing carbon emissions and the long-term benefits of opting for more sustainable manufacturing.  

A considerable thank you goes out to everyone we connected with at ADM Torino 2023 for the thrilling conversations and shared interest in the ever-evolving future of aerospace and defence industry. By working together, we can continue to grow, overcoming challenges in order to succeed in this competitive, dynamic market.  

But that’s not all, we’ve got plenty more to come, from the latest sustainable manufacturing approach to future industry trends. You’ll have to wait until next time for a deeper dive into the innovative world of aerospace and defence, so stay tuned!