50 unforgettable years of CP Cases – join in on our celebrations


50 unforgettable years of designing and manufacturing


2021 marks the big 50th milestone for CP Cases and we thought this would be a great opportunity to share some of our exciting and gripping history.

If you aren’t already familiar with CP Cases and what we do. In short, we design and manufacture protective equipment cases, 19″ racks and rugged textiles products for transport, operation and storage in a variety of different markets spaces. Customisation is our speciality and our innovation and technology are continually growing along with our customer base and the markets we operate in.

From our core proven products to highly complex custom-made solutions, we have manufactured cases and racks for a wide variety of customers and applications. We have continued to cultivate into different industries and essential sectors with our knowledge and experience increasing with every order.

With 5 decades worth of expertise in the manufacturing industry, we are confident we have the perfect formula. The innovation, durability and high-performance materials guarantee that CP Cases is the case provider of choice for transport, operation and storage situations.

It was been a long and interesting road to the 50-year milestone, a journey that we are proud to share with you in this momentous year.


Our journey started…

The company started off its journey in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Live Events industry back in the ’60s. Founders Peter Ross and Chris Sherwin saw a gap in the UK/ European market for the need of more ruggedised and protective case for musicians to protect their equipment in transit; both being touring musicians themselves.

The duo saw their first flight case in the late ’60s for rock band Deep Purple’s bassist Roger Glover bringing back their Anvil case (that was made in Peter’s garage) from a US tour. From this Peter and Chris decided to take the entrepreneurial steps to develop forward-thinking engineering with CP Cases incorporated as a registered business in 1971.

The innovation started from the get-go with the very first CP logo drawn up with a variety of wine glasses turned upside down. The first-ever CP Cases flight case went to the market for the live music industry back in the early ’70s. After this, production continued to flow with the introduction of early Vulcanised Fibre cases; with 1978 seeing manufacture of rock band The Moody Blues’ touring cases; highlighting how far we had come in under a decade.

Peter and Chris continued to build on their network within the Live Events and music industry, supplying to the touring talents of the world and creating a name and good reputation for themselves. CP Cases has since evolved its experience and skillset of flight cases to focus more on a customised offering of designing and manufacturing protective cases, 19” racks and rugged textile bags; now specialising predominantly in the Defence, Medical and Broadcast sectors. CP Cases also work within the Energy & Marine and Police & Security and keeps its connections within the Live Events sector too.


Establishing our markets

As the company grew, new and advanced approaches to solving transportation and storage challenges were developed for many industrial and military environments. Aspects of these are integrated into new opportunities and projects which bring added benefits of long-term performance reliability and increased working life for our customers’ equipment and systems.

A key feature of CP Cases’ growth story has been our innovative thinking and broad understanding of our customers working environment. Combining that with our deep knowledge and expertise in material selection and 50 years of hands-on experience in manufacturing processes. This enables us to provide the ideal product that matches perfectly the performance and budget requirements.

Increasingly we can meet specific requirements by customising one of our many standard products such as Amazon Cases and Racks or ERv3 ruggedised 19” rackmount enclosures quickly, cost-effectively and with absolute confidence of a tried and tested solution. Options for customisation include climate control for rackmount equipment using a compressor or thermoelectric cooling systems. EMC shielding, antistatic or flame retardant attributes can be selected for many of our standard products.

This year sees a big focus on building on our in-house manufacturing capabilities, recent investments in our new plastic moulding plant and very latest technology sheet-metal processing kit, we’re delighted to continue to deliver on our best value for money and on-time and objectives.


‘Thank you to our CP family’

The CP family has continued to cultivate in people and in partners over the years. Our amazing retention of staff and partners really does highlight our quality of work and company ethos. There is a real community presence throughout the factory and we are not shy of all rolling our sleeves up and pulling together to get the job done.

CP Cases has seen a set of hardworking, enthusiastic and energetic workers throughout the years who have been ready and willing, and have fitted into our active culture nicely. Having employees like this has inspired the people around them, creating a strong work ethic which is highlighted when visitors tour our workplace.

We work collaboratively with our overseas partners to achieve the perfect end result. We feel now is a perfect excuse to celebrate each and every staff member and every partner for the hard work and loyalty that has helped us on the road to 50 years.

Like every company, there has been a number of hurdles that we have had to overcome (if these times are anything to go by); but our passion, innovation and talented team of people has helped address those challenging times and transform them into positives. We are confident that we can continue this into our future thinking and keep on delivering pioneering technology to fit to our customers’ requirements.

We are proud of what CP Cases has achieved in the past 50 years, working hard to get to the footing it is at today. This foundation has shaped an exceptional business model that’s providing engineering solutions to companies and assisting in different industries. We are honoured to be building on that foundation and creating CP Cases’ next phase of growth and evolution. Here is to the next 50!


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CP Cases’ products are available in a wide range of standard sizes, and our UK-based design team can create a custom solution to meet (almost) any application your product requires.


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