What Did we Discover at Milipol Paris 2023

Milipol Paris 2023 has come to an end yet again. What a fantastic experience it was reconnecting with old friends, finding out about the latest industry trends and creating new business relationships all whilst showcasing our showstopping range of cases and racks.


This year the Milipol Paris programme was dedicated to the security of the Olympic Games, due to be hosted in Paris in 2024. With this in mind, the industry talks were adapted to highlight the importance of international security partnerships and the impact of rapid technological advancements. With this year’s event hitting a record number of visitors; 30,000 visitors across 150 countries and with over 220 journalists covering the event, it was definitely an event not to miss.


We felt ecstatic after returning from this year’s exhibition with our newfound knowledge about the changing defence and security landscape and having discovered the latest cutting-edge technologies which are shaping the industry. But what stood out to us the most at this year’s event was the reliance on technology to create more advanced weapons and unmanned systems, whether this was by using AI or laser drones, adopting this approach was vital for staying ahead of the market.


With the increasing number of political tensions across the world this year, the key topic of unmanned systems and AI-operated weapons to help further nations' defences felt crucial to many of the organisations who had attended.


So, what else did we discover during our exhilarating four days at Milipol Paris? The need for technological weapons and systems is only increasing, therefore, in order to stay ahead of the industry, adopting this approach was vital. We also had the opportunity to listen to heated debates on current issues and future challenges facing the defence and security sector, providing us with crucial industry updates.


A huge thank you to everyone who crossed paths with us at Milipol Paris for the insightful conversations about the continuously changing landscape of the defence and security industry. As we concluded our Milipol Paris experience, it was clear to us that we needed to keep up to date on technology advancements in the defence sector in order to thrive. And being open to new ideas is only half of it, as we continually grow and adapt to the latest market trends.


And there’s plenty more to come so hang fire for further insights and industry news as we continually explore the world of defence and security.