Customisable accessory storage

The facts:

  • Fully customisable

  • Specialist rugged materials

  • Durable protection for accessories

Organisation is key when on the job, from military ops to broadcasting, music and telecoms, you need to be able to access your equipment without delay. At CP Cases, we understand the challenges of all the markets we operate in. 

When working in the military, you may need to locate medical equipment quickly in the field. By using our rugged textiles with customisable pouches, you can safely store accessories, so you know exactly where everything is. 

For those in broadcasting, it can be easy to tangle or lose the mass of cables. We’re here to make your job easier with production organisers that can be fully customised to store your essentials. 

Trusted when it matters most

When working in high-pressure environments with tight deadlines, having peace of mind is priceless. You can rest assured that your cables and accessories are stored safely with our range of stowage pouches. They’re made using tough ruggedised fabrics with impact resistance, anti-vibration, cooling, anti-static and anti-fungal properties. 

Transporting, operating and storing essential equipment has never been easier. No matter how small the accessory, it’ll be safe and stored exactly where you need it – rummaging through bags and searching for equipment is a thing of your past. 

Complete customisation for cables & accessory stowage

Every industry has different storage needs, with a variety of cables and accessories to transport. This is why we work closely with you, from the original brief right through to design, manufacturing and delivery. Having bags and cases specifically designed for your products makes all the difference when relying on them in the field. 

From foam padding to add extra protection to extra storage pockets and attractive branding options, we can customise your stowage pouches to fit any unique need. 

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