A big factory move for CP Cases Inc.

Some exciting news from across the pond, our partners in the USA, CP Cases Inc are moving.

We caught up with CP Inc’s General Manager, Peter Gill about the exciting news and he answered some questions about their big factory move.

Let’s start with the obvious question, why?


  • ‘Growing demand for CP products from our expanding US market share
  • Driving market demands for US-MADE products
  • Simply outgrowing the space available in our current location
  • Drive to expand our manufacturing capabilities in the US’

What was the process of finding somewhere to move to?

‘The process of relocation begins with the why questions and some reflection on long-term goals for the organisation. Next, we prioritised not only our goals but balanced the needs of our employees, customers, and stakeholders. Once we had this time of reflection, a fairly clear picture was created of what we were looking for. The search was somewhat like any property search. Using research tools, local real estate brokers, and pounding the pavement for almost 2 years.’

‘In the end, through relationships built throughout the region, we were able to find a location that acceptably met our criteria and arranged to work directly with the developer. The property is a brand new facility constructed in Frankford, Delaware (roughly 15 minutes north of the current CP location). The developer of the site is creating a large industrial park and has already attracted a large German manufacturer specialising in HVAC equipment to create a US location on the site as well.’

What were you looking for in a new factory?

‘Our new Frankford factory is 25,000 sqft and is adjacent to the major highway running through our region, improving our freight access. Additionally, the site features access to the utilities necessary for us to expand our manufacturing capability, which will include our 3-arm carousel rotational moulding machine and a laser for cutting ERack blanks amongst other materials in the future.’

What do you hope to achieve from the new factory?

‘We hope the Frankford factory can be a long-term home for CP Cases Inc. to grow into the next stage and help us to continue to attract excellent employees while imbuing confidence with our customers.’

We wish Peter and the rest of the team over at CP Cases Inc. good luck with the move, and can’t wait to hear about the progress!

Want to hear more on the more to Frankford? Peter Gill recently spoke to the Deleware Business Times to delve deeper into the advantages of this big move.

Article here: CP Cases to bring manufacturing to Frankford – DBT (delawarebusinesstimes.com)