Accessible, safe and fast deployment are factors that we account for when designing and manufacturing cases and racks for surveillance equipment. Depending on application we can provide lightweight full and half rack systems that are easily carried, through to fully ruggedised and integrated racks of military standard.

Our racks are shock mounted thereby protecting the integrated electronics, and can accommodate payloads of up to 50kg in standard configurations and greater when fitted with double elastomeric or stainless steel wire mounts.

Where secure comms is paramount racks can also be EMC shielded.

Portable Surveillance Equipment features

  • Anti vibration mounts provides a controlled ride for heavy loads.

  • Capability to accommodate payloads in excess of 50kg.

  • Lightweight and portable, through to fully integrated systems.

  • Production of complete field work stations.

Portable Surveillance Equipment products

  • amazon case cover

    Amazon Cases

    Designed to meet applications in the defense, marine, security, aerospace, oil and gas, satellite and telecommunications markets worldwide, Amazon Cases are tough, lightweight and customizable.
    Read More - Amazon Cases
  • 19 in racks 535x350

    Amazon Racks

    Amazon ruggedized racks combine the tough resilience of a rotomolded case with a stainless steel rack frame suspended by anti-vibration mounts, to protect and secure sensitive equipment.
    Read More - Amazon Racks
  • ERack

    ERacks are welded aluminum, lightweight, ruggedized, shock-mounted transit cases, used for housing, transporting and protecting valuable 19” rack-mount electronics. A full range of sizes are available, from 2U to 18U. Our patented ERacks are fully customizable to suit all customer’s needs.
    Read More - ERack
  • Rugged Textiles

    Lightweight, tough and made-to-measure Rugged Textiles are a cost effective and practical solution for moving, deploying and protecting equipment and instrumentation.
    Read More - Rugged Textiles

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