helmet-case-single x450
helmet-case-single x450

Designed for helicopter pilot helmets this was a specific requirement for a large quantity of protective cases.

AluWeld was the preferred choice due to its strength and weight ratio – these helmets cost a vast amount of money and are properly protected using engineered foam. The case has been swaged which means its stiffness is increased by approximately 25%.

This is a simple but very effective design which responded to the needs of the client – a light weight case to compliment a lightweight helmet.

Helmet Cases features

  • Specialist foam design service available to provide tailored cushioning in high quality “closed cell” polyethylene foam.

  • Immensely strong, constructed from welded (not riveted) 2mm rigidised aluminium.

  • Trusted
    by the experts

Helmet Cases products

  • amazon case cover

    Amazon Cases

    Designed to meet applications in the defense, marine, security, aerospace, oil and gas, satellite and telecommunications markets worldwide, Amazon Cases are tough, lightweight and customizable.
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  • Custom Rotomolded Cases

    Rotomolded cases are designed to meet precise requirements, allowing for a high level of flexibility; from tough utilitarian military containers to elegant, functional cases with a "designer" luggage look.
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  • Injection Molding

    Combining standard size, off-the-shelf injection molded cases and custom foam inserts to deliver a unique solution for protection and transport of your equipment.
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  • 3i Series

    Designed and engineered to meet the most stringent standards: STANAG 4280, DEF-STAN 81-41, MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-2073, MIL-STD-C-4150J, ATA 300 and many others.
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