Custom wheel kit & trolley for cases

The facts:

  • Durable wheels for rugged terrains

  • Practical trolley for transportation

  • Save time moving equipment

Keeping your equipment safe is only half the battle: transportation is another challenge. When moving heavy payloads from one location to another, you need flexible cases that work for your unique equipment. 

At CP Cases, we pride ourselves on the bespoke solutions we create for a variety of different markets. So, if you have special transportation needs that don’t end when your goods leave the plane, we can help.

For getting from A to B

Your equipment is going places. Whether you work in the events and broadcasting industry, in medicine or the military, your heavy, expensive equipment needs to go where you go. This can be challenging when it comes to electronics racks and sturdy cases.

This is why we’ve designed custom wheel kits for our cases. These can be fitted onto trolleys to make transporting equipment across a variety of terrains easier. This is great for military personnel in the field as well as for outside broadcasting events. Pull your equipment to where it needs to go, without breaking a sweat. 

And rest assured that your wheel kit and trolley won’t feel the strain either. We make everything from the highest-quality materials, precision-engineering products so that they stand up to our rigorous testing. This all means that our gear – whether it’s a trolley or a climate control system – lasts and lasts and lasts.

How practice makes perfect

We’ve been helping businesses like yours to protect their products for over 50 years. Cutting-edge medical tools, testing equipment for fighter jets and even French Gendarmerie grenades – it’s all travelled in our protective cases and racks.

Since we work with such a range of sectors and clients, the first thing we do is listen.

We listen as you tell us about your business, what you’re transporting, where the goods are going and how they’re getting there. Only then can we start to think about the solution, bearing in mind factors like the weight of your components and the conditions they’ll face. Once we know all that, we figure out what kind of trolley, wheels and other equipment will work for you.

Find out how we’ve helped hundreds of companies: take a look at our case studies.

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