Pressure & humidity protection products

The facts

  • Equalise pressure without water or dust getting inside

  • Control and monitor humidity

  • Completely customisable cases, racks and enclosures

During transportation – and even storage – your products can be damaged in countless ways. That can leave you with unusable equipment, costing you time and money as you seek replacements and can’t work as usual.

Many traditional cases and protective systems focus only on preventing damage from impacts. But as well as providing robust protection from collisions – including customised foam inserts – our products guard against all manner of threats. Our racks and enclosures offer climate control and even shielding from electromagnetic interference

But many customers rely upon us to protect their goods against humidity and changes in air pressure, which is particularly important for those in the defence and marine sectors. And we do this by fitting racks and cases with a range of valves, indicators and vents, customising our products to precisely meet your needs.

Solutions to problems

You wouldn’t be reading this if you just needed to take a few products from A to B. Between your A and B, there might be long journeys at sea, dramatic fluctuations in pressure or hostile environments such as deserts. Or it could be that your equipment is particularly sensitive to changes in conditions.

Whatever your reasons for requiring specialist protection during transportation and storage, our solutions will give you complete control and peace of mind.

First of all, many of our cases, racks and enclosures are water and dust resistant (IP65-rated). Remarkably, a gore membrane vent allows for the gradual equalisation of internal and external pressure, without letting dust or water in.

Then there are two-way, automatic pressure and vacuum relief valves, which include manual override buttons for the equalisation of pressure inside the container. These valves are obviously important for goods being transported via air.

And if you’re storing goods in humid places, we can fit humidity indicators and replaceable desiccants (to absorb water and promote dryness).

One size fits one

We sell standard cases, racks and enclosures, but many of our customers have very specific needs. So we’ve spent years creating custom solutions for unique requirements.

Your own requirements might be completely different to those of another business, even within the same sector. Rest assured that we can tailor our high-quality products to suit your precise needs. Our priority is protecting your equipment or goods, no matter where they’re going.

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