Screen printing & embroidery branding

The facts

  • Cases, racks, bags and more can be branded

  • Customised solutions for a professional finish

  • Our team will advise on the best and most cost-effective option

It’s practicality first with us. Protection for your goods is always our priority. We take pride in making certain your goods reach their destination safely.

But once that’s assured through a combination of exceptional products and customised options, we can turn our attention to your branding.

Why? Well if your goods are travelling all over the place, there’s a valuable opportunity to raise your brand awareness. On the road and at industry events, a whole lot of people can catch your logo on cases, racks, bags and more.

And we have immensely skilled people who can apply screen printing and embroidery that shows your brand in its best light. 

Reach people on the road

We created branded protective products that not only support your sales and marketing strategy, but make a positive statement about your company. Transporting your equipment in branded gear adds a professional look to your operations.

The method used to apply branding to your protective product depends on the materials and the product’s intended use. Our knowledgeable team will provide recommendations on the most appropriate and budget-friendly option.

One of the most popular and versatile options is screen printing, which involves forcing ink through a mesh to transfer it to your product. Using this method, we can apply your logo directly to your cases or 19-inch racks. Alternatively, you can use a screen-printed label (in plastic or metal) to brand your laminated plywood, aluminium or plastic cases or rack. Either way, the result is a detailed logo that follows your equipment wherever it goes.

We also screen-print logos onto bags, rack jackets and textile products. Or we can even embroider your branding onto them. 

Our skilled team can even make your foam inserts look the part. Having them branded with your logo is a must for any industry event displays.

Have it your way

Our core focus is on providing tailored solutions to you. We strongly believe that you should get products precisely tailored to your needs. So if you require any specific branding for your transportation equipment, simply get in touch.

Find out how we’ve helped hundreds of companies like yours: take a look at our case studies.