Protective skirts

The facts

  • Access equipment, but protect it from water damage

  • Skirts fit various rack solutions

  • EMI shielding protective skirts also available

We all know how unpredictable the weather can be. But you need product protection you can rely upon, come rain or shine.

Safely stowed away in one of our 19-inch racks, your goods are protected against water, dust and corrosion. This protection is so complete that many of our racks are IP65-rated for water and dust resistance.

But what if you need to disrupt that protective cocoon, removing the rack lid for operational reasons? Well then you need one of our expertly designed rubber skirts, which fit between the outer casing and the internal rack frame. These flexible bits of kit make sure no rain gets in when you get in.

You then have full access to the internal chassis, even during transit, which can be especially important if you need to monitor climate control systems or the conditions inside.

Remarkably, our expert team can even give you access to the interior of electromagnetically shielded racks, as they’re working. Special EMC/EMI shielding protective skirts maintain conductive continuity, even as they let you in to access your equipment.

The impact of water

Even a minimal amount of water can cause irreparable damage to your goods – particularly if you’re transporting electrical equipment.

Water leads to corrosion, turning highly polished metals into tarnished, structurally damaged products. And corrosion inside electrical systems can stop currents – and the power supply – flowing correctly.

The results of water damage can be even more severe if they cause a short circuit. This incorrectly redirects a current to a path of lower resistance. And the equipment doesn’t stop working immediately, it will once components are overloaded.

Protecting products for 50 years

For half a century, we’ve been making sure valuable goods get from A to B intact. Our customers operate in all kinds of markets, transporting everything from advanced military hardware and vital medical supplies to sensitive broadcast equipment.

As a result, we’re used to meeting complex and highly specific requirements. So if you tell us what you need to transport or store, we’ll make it happen. And rest assured that when you unpack your products, they’ll be in perfect working order.

Take a look at our case studies to see how we’ve helped countless organisations.