Custom protective covers

The facts

  • Bespoke protective covers for a range of applications

  • Waterproof camera covers for outside broadcasting

  • Padded rack covers for electronics

  • High-quality materials 

Protecting your expensive and vital electronic devices against environmental hazards is non-negotiable. Whether you work in broadcasting, telecoms, entertainment or even the military, your electronics are often with you when on the go and must withstand all weather conditions. 

Our custom protective covers can be designed for all electronics and can defend against a variety of weather conditions. 

When working in high-pressure environments in hazardous weather, you don’t want to be worrying about whether your equipment will work. We take care of that for you, leaving you to get on with your job.

Trusted by the outside broadcast industry

When filming outside, cameras need to be protected against whatever the weather can throw their way. At CP Cases, our rain covers for outside broadcast cameras are the best on the market. From outstanding craftsmanship to competitive prices, many broadcasters rely on our protective covers.

We’ve recently provided camera covers for 4K filming events including Wimbledon, the World Cup, the Olympics and much more. With such prestigious events trusting our protective covers, it’s clear that they excel at keeping cameras operating, despite the weather.

Our latest manufacturing methods use seam-sealing technology, commonly used in military specification garments and shelters: rain simply won’t penetrate the barrier. 

The UV-stabilised, PU-backed materials are waterproof, whilst also protecting cameras from harsh sunlight. We can customise the designs to your specific cameras, with a variety of colours available, including camouflage. 

Designed purely for your convenience, our camera covers include vinyl windows, giving visual access and easy access to the required controls. 

Protecting all electronics

Our protective covers aren’t just for the outside broadcasting industry. We can safeguard a variety of electronics with our ERack jackets. Our racks protect your electronics from any damage when transporting them, whilst also cooling in harsh environments. 

The addition of the jackets protects against general wear and tear. Any scratches and scuffs are kept at bay – and the protective padding provides cushioning when in transit. Not to mention the aesthetically pleasing design that can also conceal any contents, keeping your electronics safe at all times. 

You shouldn’t have to compromise when using your electronics outdoors. Our range of protective covers keeps things running smoothly, whatever the weather.

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