Bespoke powder coating and surface treatments

The facts

  • Laminated finishes strengthen cases

  • A variety of powder-coated colours available

  • Bespoke colours and finishes for your unique needs

At CP Cases, we pay attention to detail and never neglect the final finishing touches. This is why we offer a range of surface treatments to add a flourish to your cases and rugged textiles, whether it’s for branding purposes or practical benefits. 

We understand how important it is that your equipment is safe and protected during transit and storage – and this will always be our top priority. Our surface treatments are an effective extension of this, adding yet more protection to your equipment cases.

Custom finishes available

Bespoke finishes are available for all of our products, whether it’s a certain colour you require or practical treatment. 

Our range of aluminium cases and racks can have colours applied with powder coating or wet finishes. This makes your cases instantly recognisable and on-brand, perfect for displaying your equipment – and picking out at baggage reclaim. We can also apply an anti-reflective finish, which works well on aluminium products.

We can laminate plywood cases and racks with high-pressure laminate (HPE), which adds an extra layer of strength and colour (grey, black, blue, green and many more shades). 

While you can customise our durable rotomoulded cases with your desired colour, whether you need a subtle camouflage shade or brighter branding. 

What about rugged textiles? Our bags are usually finished with 1000-denier, PU-coated Cordura, 600 denier PVC-coated polyester or 840 denier PVC-coated nylon. These durable fabrics can be further customised with a wide range of colours. 

Trusted by NATO

Our high-quality finishes are used by the military itself, with our rotomoulded cases coming in NATO green as standard. This is because we supply many cases to the alliance each year.

Whether you need practical or aesthetic finishes, at CP Cases, we do everything to the highest standards. So, your protective cases will be highly durable and professional – and will also look the part. 

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