Customisable labels and label holders

The facts

  • High-quality labels 

  • Suitable for textiles, cases and racks

  • Promote your brand

Protecting your equipment is always top priority. Labels can help with this – from telling people to ‘handle with care’ to announcing ‘this way up’. But they also represent your brand and maintain your business’ professional appearance. 

Our range of labels is extremely versatile: embroidered, screen printed, etched or engraved, they work on all materials. 

So, if your protective cases, racks or bags need labels, we’ve got the bespoke solutions you’re looking for. 

Labels made just for you

Any label you can think of, we can do. Labels can be applied to our cases made from laminated plywood, aluminium and plastics. Or, we can make customised labels for any of our rugged textiles bags. 

Our labels can be used for practical purposes, to further protect your equipment with warnings. Or, they can help with your branding and marketing, by representing your company and maintaining consistency across your cases. 

We can create long-lasting labels with a metal or plastic finish, to be fitted onto cases. If the label needs to be on the case itself, we can also offer screen printing as a durable alternative. 

For rugged textiles, we can provide eye-catching multicolour embroidery, screen printing and rubber labels. We can also brand bag shoulder straps for when you’re on the go. 

Need to regularly swap out labels depending on the occasion? Then our label holders are a great addition to your cases. You can switch labels for branding or anonymity. We also offer velcro labels for bags when you wish to remove any branding. 

A wide range of uses

The possibilities are endless when it comes to labels. We’ve engraved foam inserts for drinks brands and created fabric labels for police uniforms. We’ve also produced screen-printed labels for camera gear and medical bags. 

For standing out from the crowd and making an impact, our high-quality labels are a quick and effective way to make your brand recognisable. 

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