Insect hoods for amazon racks

The facts

  • High-quality, durable mesh resists tears

  • Protects electronics from damage by insects

  • Can be customised to fit our amazon racks

As we work in more remote locations than ever, complete with extreme environments, our electronics become increasingly vulnerable. You might work in the military and use electronics to provide life-saving intel. Or you could be broadcasting, where electronics are essential to getting the job done. Complex electronics are vital to all manner of roles. 

Our amazon racks provide unbeatable protection against hazardous environments, keeping your electronics operating to their full potential, no matter the location. We offer various accessories to further this level of protection, including our insect hoods. 

Insect hoods for electronics

When insects make their way into your electronics, they can nibble on components and significantly damage your devices. With industry electronics being incredibly expensive to repair or replace, you can’t afford to risk any damage to such essential machines.

Our insect hoods can be custom-designed to fit snugly over your amazon racks. The tight mesh makes it impossible for insects to pass through. The material is extra durable, meaning it won’t easily tear or suffer abrasions. We can also customise the insect hood to make room for handles and latches, making it easy to access your electronics. 

Trusted by the military

The Italian Army needed a custom amazon rack to house their CCTV video surveillance system. This system was designed to be used in the field, in remote locations, for anti-intrusion in temporary structures. 

Our insect hoods being used in such remote and potentially hazardous location just highlights how it provides optimum protection against insects or dust that could damage the system. And when our accessories are trusted by the military, you’re guaranteed peace of mind that your equipment is safe. 

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